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Resistance LevelsLow (3 lbs), Medium (6 lbs), and High (9 lbs)
Tube Length42.3" (107.5 cm)
Crossbar Length37.4" (95 cm)
Product Weight17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Maximum Capacity300 lbs (136 kg)
Warranty1 year
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30+ Exercises

to tone and reshape your entire body

Workout Anywhere

compact with easy-to-carry strap

3 Resistance Levels

to challenge and inspire you!

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Free Gifts with Every CoreBody Reformer® ($151 value)

4 workouts
4 Different Complete Workouts ($60 Value) on 1 DVD. Total Body One, Total Body Express, Core Essentials and Stretch & Renew, combining yoga for flexibility, dance for cardio and Pilates for core strength.
Go-Anywhere Fitness Flipcards ($16 Value) illustrating more than 32 exercises unique to the CoreBody Reformer®. The cards include 8 recommended workouts and are color coded for target areas.
weight loss plan
Weight Loss Plan ($30 Value) helps you customize a balanced diet of carbs and protein to maximize energy gain and fat loss. Whether you're dining out or eating in, the Weight Loss Plan shows you how to enjoy your favorite foods — while losing weight.
workout poster
A Workout Poster ($10 value) is an inspiring reminder of how fast you're seeing results, by keeping track of your progress week by week as you advance through the program.
carrying strap
A Carrying Strap that makes it easy to take along everything you need for a complete CoreBody Reformer® workout, no matter where you go.
blue washable cover
Blue Washable Cover ($35 value) keeps the CoreBody Reformer® looking — and performing — as good as new.
10-day kick start meal plan
NEW 10-Day Kick Start Meal Plan available for instant download as soon as your order has been processed. Start seeing results right away!
  • Rachel
  • Debbie
  • Dana
  • Elizabeth
  • Yvette
  • Kimberlee
  • Keeley
  • Joanie

These people did it,
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  • "I lost 11 inches. My clothes feel more comfortable and I have more confidence."
    - Rachael M.
  • "The results just happen."
    - Debbie G.
  • "People say I look hot...that's amazing!"
    - Dana H.
  • "I loved working out."
    - Elizabeth B.
  • "This is the new me and I lost 30 pounds."
    - Yvette N.
  • "It blows my mind that I've lost 36 pounds and almost 49 inches."
    - Kimberlee S.
  • "I lost 16 pounds, 16 inches in 6 weeks."
    - Keeley K.
  • "I feel like I can do anything now."
    - Joanie R.

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4 Great Workouts
on 1 DVD!

Whether you have time for a full-body workout or just a quick energy boost, these fun, flexible routines make sure you never get bored!

4 Great Workouts
Total Body Workout #1

Total Body Workout #1

This all-in-one workout will shape and define your body from head to toe! A combination of ultra-effective toning exercises and fat-blasting cardio moves, this program provides the complete CoreBody Reformer® experience and is perfect for all fitness levels.
Approximate Running Time: 43 Minutes

Total Body Express

Total Body Express

This total body workout is perfect when you are pressed for time, or if you are just starting out and don't feel ready for a longer workout. Focused cardio and toning exercises burn fat and help tighten your whole body, providing the maximum results in a minimum amount of time!
Approximate Running Time: 25 Minutes

Core Essentials

Core Essentials

This core-focused workout targets your abs, back and waistline, and will help get your body into the best shape ever! Each exercise provides a 3 dimensional approach by targeting multiple muscles in your core all at once! This amazing workout is perfect on its own, or as an add-on workout to any one of the other CoreBody Reformer® programs.
Approximate Running Time: 20 Minutes

Stretch & Renew

Stretch & Renew

This 2-in-1 workout will help you achieve a long, lean dancer's body by stretching your muscles and unlocking tension throughout your entire body! Achieve greater flexibility, greater strength, improved posture and a sexier body with this feel-good workout that compliments all of the CoreBody Reformer® programs.
Approximate Running Time: Roll - 22 Minutes, Stretch - 19 Minutes

Change has never felt this good

CoreBody Reformer® Videos

  • Video Introducing the CoreBody Reformer
  • Video of How the CoreBody Works
  • Darya Bronston - CoreBody Reformer Inventor


  • See what makes the CoreBody Reformer® so unique.
  • How the CoreBody Reformer® works
  • Darya Bronston, Inventor of the CoreBody Reformer®
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Upgrade your results with these accessories

CoreBody Reformer Washable Cover
SKU: 004-2566

CoreBody Reformer® Washable Cover

Upgrade to your favorite color. Get an additional washable cover in Violet, Green, Orange, Blue or Pink to customize your CoreBody Reformer®.

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CoreBody Reformer Workout Mat
SKU: 005-0006

CoreBody Reformer® Workout Mat

This thick, floor-gripping mat makes working out more comfortable, and is easy to roll up and take anywhere.

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Total Body 2 Workout DVD
SKU: 005-0007

Total Body 2 Workout DVD

This workout combines the best of ultra-effective toning exercises with fat-blasting cardio moves that will melt fat and re-define your body and fitness. DVD shows three different levels so you can advance through the workouts. Approximate Running Time: 48:40.

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Upper & Lower Body Workout DVD
SKU: 005-0008

Upper & Lower Body Workout DVD

Upper-body focused workout targets your arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs, and will help you achieve sexier arms and a knock-out core. Lower-body focused workout targets your hips, buns and thighs and will help you achieve leaner legs, tighter glutes and firmer thighs. DVD shows three different levels so you can advance through the workouts. Approximate Running Times: 15:31 and 16:45.

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Gaiam® Grippy Yoga Socks
SKU: 005-0009

Gaiam® Grippy Yoga Socks

Ensures you have a firm grip and greater control during the workout. Sold as a pair.

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Gaiam® Roller and Mat Cleaner
SKU: 005-0011

Gaiam® Roller and Mat Cleaner

Contains organic essential oils with proven antiseptic, antibacterial and moisturizing properties to clean the CoreBody Reformer® and mat.

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Comfort Exercise Handles
SKU: 005-0543

Comfort Exercise Handles

Allows for a more comfortable workout while using the CoreBody Reformer®. These handles are a great compliment to enhance your workout. They are especially useful with the Upper and Lower Body Workouts DVD. Sold as a pair.

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  • "Intense, yet easy, workout that targets your abdominal region"

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  • "One piece of equipment. Three workouts."

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  • "Strengthens, tones, and stretches the body — no matter her fitness level."

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  • "One of The Best Fitness Tools for your home gym"

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  • "To get a great at-home workout, check out the CoreBody Reformer® by Nautilus."

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  • "Best of all, the machine can be folded up to the size of a Pilates mat."

    Pilates Style

  • "Lightweight enough that you can sling it over your shoulder"


  • "Home exercisers have a new way to attack their abs and back."

    More Magazine

  • "Touted as 'three workouts in 1,' delivering cardio and strength, this puppy is my new best friend."

    Breezy Mama

  • "[CoreBody Reformer®] workouts combine strength, cardio, balance, and lots of core work for a true full-body challenge."


  • "This takes fusion workouts to the next level."


Individual results will vary. In 6-weeks, participants averaged 16.1 total inches lost and 10.1 lbs. Participants also followed the CoreBody Reformer® meal plan.